It’s a book!

Today is the official publication date for Basic Nest Architecture. If you’ve pre-ordered copies, they should be winging their way towards you forthwith (one friend suggested a Raven delivery system, but I think most of them will just be Royal Mail, due to the birds’ tendency to re-purpose them as nest material – apt enough but notContinue reading “It’s a book!”

A song with a rock in it

It is ten days until the official publication date for my first collection, Basic Nest Architecture.  As a taster, I’ve put together a playlist on soundcloud of six poems from the book: three new recordings and three I made for The Lonely Crowd last Spring. The other playlist I have made for Basic Nest Architecture is a list of songs:Continue reading “A song with a rock in it”

The Rabbits Are Us: thoughts on 2016

    IV our touching hearts slenderly comprehend (clinging as fingers,loving one another gradually into hands)and bend into the huge disaster of the year: like this most early single star which tugs weakly at twilight,caught in thickening fear our slightly fingering spirits starve and smother; until autum abruptly wholly hugs our dying silent minds,which handContinue reading “The Rabbits Are Us: thoughts on 2016”

Words, pictures, music.

  ‘If I puked up some sonnets would you call me a miracle?’ Neko Case, ‘Night Still Comes’ I’m trying to unravel something about how I feel, and what I think, about the relationship between poetry and song. About my relationships with poetry and song. I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the lastContinue reading “Words, pictures, music.”