Iona Glen writes on Much With Body and Recovering Dorothy: ‘Rain & Moonlight: Weathering with Dorothy Wordsworth and Polly Atkin by Iona Glen’.

Rachel Carney, Poetry Review: Much With Body by Polly Atkin, Created To Read

Review of Much With Body, ‘With The Shadows: George Szirtes on encounters, hauntings and affirmations’, The Poetry Review Vol 112.1 (Spring, 2022)

Isobel Roach reviews Much With Body by Polly Atkin, Wales Art Review

Megan Fernandes, Much With Body by Polly Atkin, Harriet Books

Pat Edwards, Poetry Review – Much With Body, London Grip

Mab Jone, Polly Atkin, Patrick Jones, Tôpher Mills and more – New Poetry Column, Buzz

Poetry Review – Much With Body by Polly Atkin, SkyLightRain

Jenny Hockey reviews Basic Nest Architecture for Write OutLoud, 8 Feb 2018.

Suzannah V. Evans reviews Basic Nest Architecture in ‘Poetry in Brief’ in the TLS, 9 Jan 2018.

Basic Nest Architecture chosen as the LRB Bookshop’s favourite Poetry Debut in its 2017 Poetry Picks: ‘set in the Lakes, which many people might have felt were over-poeted already, [Atkin] manages to make the environment absolutely her own; it’s precise and assured and sad and superb.’

Charanpreet Khaira reviews Basic Nest Architecture in The Poetry Review, July 2017.

Sean Barr reviews Basic Nest Architecture in Disclaimer: ‘Potent and relevant, Polly [Atkin] celebrates nature’.

Poet, Librettist and Blogger Gareth Prior reviews Shadow Dispatches: ‘Secular Magic: Polly Atkin‘.

Billy Mills reviews Shadow Dispatches at Sabotage Reviews.

Charles Whalley reviews Shadow Dispatches and Chrissy William’s Flying into the Bear (Happenstance: 2013) for Under the Radar 12 (December 2013).

Matthew Jarvis reviews Shadow Dispatches on Planet Magazine’s Poetry Podcast 2.

Ben Reiss reviews the Shadow Dispatches launch at The Wordsworth Trust, April 20th 2013:
‘Mslexia Pamphlet Competition Launch’.

Sarah L Dixon reviews the Quiet Compere Tour of the North, Kendal, April 2014.


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