Much With Body (Seren, October 2021)

winner of a Northern Writers Award, 2020.
– a PBS Winter 2021 Recommendation.
– longlisted for the Laurel Prize, 2022.


With Invisible Rain (New Walk Press, 2018)

Basic Nest Architecture (Seren, February 2017)

– longlisted for Michael Murphy Award, 2019.
winner (in extract) of the Andrew Waterhouse Prize, Northern Writers Awards, 2014.
 – shortlisted (in an earlier version) for the Eyewear Melita Hume Prize, 2012.

Shadow Dispatches (Seren, 2013)

– shortlisted for Lakeland Book of the Year, 2014
– winner of the 2012 Mslexia Pamphlet Prize.

bone song (Clitheroe: Aussteiger, 2008)

– shortlisted for the Michael Marks Award, 2009.


Recovering Dorothy: The Hidden Life of Dorothy Wordsworth (Saraband, 2021)


Shortform Nonfiction

‘Commonality’, North Country: An anthology of landscape and nature (Manchester: Saraband, 2022).

‘Chronicity’, Sick 3 (July 2021).

‘Croneshadow Stumbles Ahead’, We Are Not Shadows (Folkways, 2021).

”All the living I have left to do’: a disability poetics of dwelling’Magma 79 (Spring 2021).

‘A heart more wakeful: Nature Lessons with William Wordsworth’, Poet in the City (December 2020).

‘Birds of Lakeland/Birds of Lockdown’ (Podcast/Essay) with Will Smith, Aerial Festival (September 2020).

‘Commonality’, Place 2020, Centre for Place Writing, Manchester Metropolitan University (July 2020).

‘The Road North Through’ (Podcast/Essay), Walking Solo, Lancaster Litfest (July 2020).

‘Swimming against the Nature Cure’ in Ache 3 (April 2020).

Field Notes: Open Mountain (2019), John Muir Trust Blog,

‘Why Is It Always a Poem Is a Walk?’: towards an ecocrip poetics’, New Welsh Review 120 (May 2019).

Poems in Artist’s Books/Anthologies

‘The Limits of Music as Time Travel’ in The Ver Prize 2022 anthology (Ver Poets, 2022).

‘Girl Poets’ in The Book of Bad Betties (Bad Betty, 2021).

‘Fell’ in Women on Nature (Unbound, 2021).

‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ in Staying Human (Bloodaxe, 2020).

‘Uplokkid in Solnes’ [text art] in Through the Locking Glass (Inspired by Lakeland, 2020).

‘Motacilla Flava Flavissima’ in Watch the Birdie (Beautiful Dragons Press, 2018).

‘unshod to meet the flints’ in Waymaking: an anthology of women’s adventure writing, poetry and art (Sheffield: Vertebrate, 2018).

‘Monthlies’ and ‘Leeches’ (from v/s) in Gush: menstrual manifestos for our times (Calgary: Frontenac House, 2018).

‘of love and mountain tops’ and ‘Cold Gathering’ in This Place I Know (Handstand, 2018).

‘Paper Pellets on a Saucer’  in Spark (Blue Diode Press, 2018).

‘Cumbria’ in A Bee’s Breakfast (Thurnham: Beautiful Dragons Press, 2017).

‘Bay of Fundy’ in Not a Drop (Thurnham: Beautiful Dragons Press, 2016).

‘Boron’ in My Dear Watson: The Elements in Poetry (Beautiful Dragons Press, 2016).

‘Jackdaw’, ‘Magpie’ and ‘Pheasant’ in Bird Book III (London: Sidekick Books, 2015).

‘Begin’ in Fish Prize Anthology, 2015.

‘Strength in Winter’ in Heavenly Bodies (Beautiful Dragons Press, 2014).

‘Free Night’ in The Witching Hour (Beautiful Dragons Press, 2013).

‘Lake Fever’ in Lines Underwater (London: 2013).

‘Room’ in Not on our Green Belt (North West Poets, 2013)

‘Looser Verses’ in Modern Poets on Viking Poets ed. by Debbie Potts (Cambridge: 2013)

‘Solstitial’ in Solstice: 24 hours of poetry from the longest day2012 (Thurnam: Beautiful Dragons Press, 2012).

‘Seven Nights of Uncreation’ in I have Found a Song (London: Enitharmon, 2010).

‘tree dreams’ in Hand Luggage Only (Cambridge: Open Poetry, 2008).

‘ten poems’ in Bedford Square 2 (London: John Murray, 2007).

Poetry Journals/Magazines

‘Mast Year / Helplessness Subscale’, ‘Gravitas / Rumination Subscale’ in Poetry Review (Autumn 2021).

‘Borders Gothic’, ‘Distraced’ in The Lonely Crowd, 11 (May 2019).

‘Frog Season’ and ‘Pond life’ in The Scores, 6 (May 2019).

‘Note from a Transect’ (poetry) and ‘Notes on Notes from a Transect’ (prose) in Magma 72: Climate Change (November 2018).

‘Imagining’ and ‘Splitting the Vein’ in And Other Poems (July 2017).

‘Strength in Winter’, ‘Perihelion’ and ‘Hurricane Sister’ in The Lonely Crowd (Spring 2016).

‘Ongiara’, ‘Waking the Well’, ‘Solstitial’, ‘Golden’ in The Clearing (December 2015).

‘Propithecus Candidus, 1871’ in The Clearing (October 2015).

‘Fledge’ and ‘The Centre’ in New Welsh Reader, 109 (September 2015).

‘Stay Apparatus’ in 1110/7 (Ghent, 2014).

‘Illustrations of Grasmere Church’ in Magma 57 (London, 2013).

‘Love-in-a-Mist’ in 1110/5 (Ghent, 2013).

‘Pistachios’ and ‘In the Stairwell’, And Other Poems, July 2013.

‘Rabbit in Morning’ and ‘First Kill’, ‘Poetry in Rabbits’, June 2013.

‘Glorious Fellowship of Migraineurs’, Poem of the Week at the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre, May 2013.

‘Mute’, Sunday Poem on Kim Moore, Poet, April 2013.

‘The Glorious Fellowship of Migraineurs’ in Mslexia 56 (Newcastle, 2012).

‘The book of retreat’ and ‘The Three Halls’ in Rialto 76 (Norwich, 2012).

‘Mute’ in Magma 53 (London, 2012).

‘This Book’ in 1110/3 (Nottingham, 2012).

‘Other People Dream of Foxes’ in Pilot Pocket Book 9 (Toronto, 2012).

‘Hermes Enodios’ in Tellus, 2 (Cambridge, 2011).

‘Jay’, ‘Tumble’, ‘Moon Salutation’ and ‘Heart’ in Flax 018: The Crowd Without (Lancaster, 2009).

‘Accident’ in Rialto 65 (Norwich, 2008).


Chapters in Academic Editions

‘Collaboration, Domestic Co-Partnery and Lyrical Ballads’ in Cambridge Companion to Lyrical Ballads, ed. by Sally Bushell (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020).

‘‘Stinking of me’: Transformations and animal selves in contemporary Anglophone women’s poetry’ in The Company of Wolves: Werewolves, Wolves, and Wild Children – Narratives of Sociality and Animality (Manchester University Press, 2020).

‘Paradox Inn: Home and Passing Through at Grasmere’ in Romantic Localities: Europe Writes Places, ed. by Christoph Bode and Jacqueline Labbé (London, Pickering and Chatto, 2010).

‘Ghosting Grasmere: the musealisation of Dove Cottage’ in Literary Tourism and Nineteenth Century Culture, ed. by Nicola Watson (London: Palgrave, 2009).

Interviews/Guest Blogs/Craft Essays/Reviews

Books of 2019 for The Lonely Crowd.

Interview: David Tait interviews Polly Atkin.

Open Mountain Introduction in John Muir Trust news.

‘Composition Notes: Boggled, Distraced’ in The Lonely Crowd, 11 (May 2019).

Books of 2018 for The Lonely Crowd.

‘Polly Atkin on her February at Gladstone’s Library’: a blog on Gladlib.

‘Poets, past and present’: a blog on Read Regional.

First Collection Interview, on Chrissy Williams.

‘Composition Notes’ in The Lonely Crowd (Spring 2016).

Review: William Wordsworth and The Invention of Tourism, 1820-1900 by Saeko Yoshikawa in The Journal of Tourism History, Vol. 7, Issue 1-2, 2015. 

‘Method: What I think about when I think about Place’ in Cake 6: Lemon Drizzle (Lancaster, 2014).

Review: ‘Windows for Burns Night’, BSECS online.

Craft essay ‘Writ in Water’ and Poems ‘After the Flood’, ‘Out of the Mud’, ‘Bathing’ on the Poems Underwater blog, August 2013.

Review: ‘Atkin on Pollard’, Eyewear.


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