November News

October has been more about reading and listening than writing or performing.

As Halloween creeps up I’m reminded how close November’s events are.

On November 7th I’m travelling down to London for the Keats-Shelley Prize Awards. My poem ‘Buzz Pollination’ has been shortlisted, which means I get to attend the prize giving in the crypt of St. Martins-in-the-fields, with a talk on ‘Why Poetry Matters’ from Sally Vickers.

November 18th is the launch of Magma 57, which will include my poem ‘Illustrations of Grasmere Church’, written as part of the Holy Detritus project. The launch is held at the Troubadour Coffee House. I’m not sure yet whether I can make it to the launch, but from the small section of proofs I’ve seen, it’s looking like a really exciting issue.

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