I was delighted to have my poem ‘Buzz Pollination’ placed joint-second in the Keats-Shelley poetry awards by judges Matthew Sweeney and John Hartley-Williams, and chair Salley Vickers. The Awards, including the essay prizes, were announced at an event at St.Martins-in-the-fields on November 7th. I was joined in second place by Will Kemp, and Patrick CotterContinue reading “Keats-Shelley”

November News

October has been more about reading and listening than writing or performing. As Halloween creeps up I’m reminded how close November’s events are. On November 7th I’m travelling down to London for the Keats-Shelley Prize Awards. My poem ‘Buzz Pollination’ has been shortlisted, which means I get to attend the prize giving in the cryptContinue reading “November News”