Plague Year Season Two Review

Dear reader, I cannot lie to you. This last two years have been trying. At this point in 2020 I couldn’t face looking back at the year. I suppose that I am writing this now proves the point I make so often about adjusting to chronic illness: it’s continually surprising the amount of daily painContinue reading “Plague Year Season Two Review”

The Rabbits Are Us: thoughts on 2016

    IV our touching hearts slenderly comprehend (clinging as fingers,loving one another gradually into hands)and bend into the huge disaster of the year: like this most early single star which tugs weakly at twilight,caught in thickening fear our slightly fingering spirits starve and smother; until autum abruptly wholly hugs our dying silent minds,which handContinue reading “The Rabbits Are Us: thoughts on 2016”

Words, pictures, music.

  ‘If I puked up some sonnets would you call me a miracle?’ Neko Case, ‘Night Still Comes’ I’m trying to unravel something about how I feel, and what I think, about the relationship between poetry and song. About my relationships with poetry and song. I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the lastContinue reading “Words, pictures, music.”


I’m really pleased to have three poems in the Spring 2016 edition of The Lonely Crowd, as well as an essay on the composition of the poems and recordings of them online. There are several readings planned to showcase the issue – one has already taken place (unfortunately on the same night I was reading forContinue reading “May”

The Old Year is Dead

2014 seems to have been a year of upheaval and uprising, of extreme highs and lows, tragedies and atrocities, of revelations great and terrible. Natural and/or man-made disasters dominated local and global news. Planes fell from the skies, flood-waters rose, diseases flourished, people around the world were killed for being who they were where theyContinue reading “The Old Year is Dead”