The Rabbits Are Us: thoughts on 2016

    IV our touching hearts slenderly comprehend (clinging as fingers,loving one another gradually into hands)and bend into the huge disaster of the year: like this most early single star which tugs weakly at twilight,caught in thickening fear our slightly fingering spirits starve and smother; until autum abruptly wholly hugs our dying silent minds,which handContinue reading “The Rabbits Are Us: thoughts on 2016”

The Old Year is Dead

2014 seems to have been a year of upheaval and uprising, of extreme highs and lows, tragedies and atrocities, of revelations great and terrible. Natural and/or man-made disasters dominated local and global news. Planes fell from the skies, flood-waters rose, diseases flourished, people around the world were killed for being who they were where theyContinue reading “The Old Year is Dead”