Dark Days for White Moss/WWWD.2

White Moss common is once more under threat, as the application to ‘improve’ it into a visitor hub has been renewed with (very minor) adjustments (the cafe is slightly smaller). You can see the plans here and here. This comes as the Lake District National Park Authority are also selling off large swathes of the LakeContinue reading “Dark Days for White Moss/WWWD.2”

What will be found in England’s lost corner?

Tomorrow I’m making the excessively convoluted journey from Cumbria to Norfolk, for the Cafe Writers Poetry Prize reading. The night before New Year’s Eve I got the news my poem ‘Tiny Glass Horses’ had been placed third, with first prize going to Jonathan Davidson’s paean to ‘Brickwork’, and second to Jo Bell’s take on AContinue reading “What will be found in England’s lost corner?”

The Old Year is Dead

2014 seems to have been a year of upheaval and uprising, of extreme highs and lows, tragedies and atrocities, of revelations great and terrible. Natural and/or man-made disasters dominated local and global news. Planes fell from the skies, flood-waters rose, diseases flourished, people around the world were killed for being who they were where theyContinue reading “The Old Year is Dead”

What Would Wordsworth Do/Walking With Wordsworth Daily

When I first came to Grasmere, or rather, to Town End, as a volunteer at the Wordsworth Trust, the other young volunteers had been busy asking themselves ‘What Would Wordsworth Do?’ and meditating on the practice of ‘Walking with Wordsworth Daily.’ These became things I often thought on, especially on those short dark Winter afternoonsContinue reading “What Would Wordsworth Do/Walking With Wordsworth Daily”