All the messages received in my sleep

This site is named Shadow Dispatches, the same phrase that gave the title to my second pamphlet. It comes from the below poem, ‘Somnography’ (a word I kind of made up: literally sleep writing) which talks about messages or emails that definitely exist during the night but disappear somehow before dawn. It was once filed under a line fromContinue reading “All the messages received in my sleep”

Worst/Best/To The Moon

For the academically-attuned, there is more than one start to the year, and perhaps that which begins sometimes between early September and early October is the more poignant, and evocative. So instead of reflecting on my year in January – which I didn’t feel able to do this year – I’m doing it now. I’veContinue reading “Worst/Best/To The Moon”


I’m really pleased to have three poems in the Spring 2016 edition of The Lonely Crowd, as well as an essay on the composition of the poems and recordings of them online. There are several readings planned to showcase the issue – one has already taken place (unfortunately on the same night I was reading forContinue reading “May”

Shunting in reverse through the steps of a dance/nobody else can join in with.

This week I got the news that a poem of mine, ‘Begin’, was chosen as one of the runners-up for this year’s Fish Poetry Prize, judged by Nick Laird. This is what he says about it – Begin by Polly Atkin The poem had impressive, confident turns, and I admired the way its syntax brokeContinue reading “Shunting in reverse through the steps of a dance/nobody else can join in with.”